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12 Sep 2014


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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 14 Feb 2012

If you are passionate about photography or you make a living out of it, your hard disk is probably filled with various photos, taken over time. There are times when you would like to print those photos, for showing to the world your creation. But then you may come to the conclusion that those photos look a bit dull and simple and, even if the element they illustrate is surprising, still they aren't so eye-catching. The question is what do to about it. The answer is adding an unique photo frame to them. But now, another question arises, what software to use for adding frames. The answer is Photo Frame Show. It's a program that can easily add hundreds of frames to photos, making them more enjoyable.

The software requires installing Adobe AIR prior to installing the program. Adobe AIR can be freely downloaded from the Adobe web site and doesn't take much time to install, nor does the Photo Frame Show application itself. Every version of Microsoft Windows is supported.

The interface of Photo Frame Show features a canvas area, where the user can preview his work. The size of the canvas area resembles an A4 formatted paper, so the user can easily preview how will his creation appear on paper. The graphical interface of the program is pleasant to the eye and very easy to use, even by beginners. Photo Frame Show allows selecting a frame from its library and a photo stored on the hard disk. That's pretty much it. The user will end up having a beautiful frame which covers his favorite photo.

If the user doesn't find a frame he likes, he shouldn't panic. More frames can be freely downloaded from the producer's website. The user just has to log in to the site for downloading them. If a photo is too large or contains unwanted elements, its position can be freely changed, for showing only the desired elements inside the frame. Also, text can be added to the photo.

The number of frames that can be added to a canvas is unlimited. Also, the size of the canvas can be easily customized and can be set to have the size of a standard photo. The final creation can be printed directly or can be saved as an image file, for later printing. The main interface can be compacted, for easier viewing the canvas page.


It includes a large number of frames and more photo frames can be downloaded freely from the publisher's website. Also, the canvas page has an A4 format, for easy previewing the final result.


The user has to register on the producer's website in order to download more frames. Also, Adobe AIR is needed for the installation of the software. Photo Frame Show is a great program for adding a touch of creativity to photographs, as it includes a huge number of beautiful photo frames.

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